Born in 1966 in Eisenstadt (Austria) and raised in the wine-growing village of Deutschkreutz close to the Hungarian border. After graduating from high school for electrical engineering and ‚tumbling‘ trough military services (mandatory in Austria), he travelled one and a half  years through Canada and the USA earning his living as a farm worker and on construction sites.
Back in Austria and after a very unsuccessful stopover for an international IT company he started his on job training at the viennese offoff – stage „Graumann Theater“ (with Marion Dimali, Michael Mohapp, Rupert Henning, Michael Niavarani) Further tutors were Eva Zilcher, Johanna Brix und Svenja Schreiber. In 1994 he got his acting degree from the ‚parity examination jury‘ (paritätische Prüfungskommission) …

Since then engagements i.a. at the Salzburg Festival, Schauspiel Frankfurt, Landestheater Linz, Stadttheater Klagenfurt, Volkstheater Wien, Rabenhof Wien, Vienna Festival (Wiener Festwochen), Philharmonie Luxembourg, Theater Rampe Stuttgart, Theater der Jugend Wien, Dschungel Wien, Theater Phönix Linz, Sommerspiele Melk, Kultursommer Helfenberg, Wald1/4erHoftheater, Werk X Wien, Theater Drachengasse, Globe Wien

Still in my Repertoire the Soloperformances „Odysseus am Sand“ and Nick Horbys „Nipplejesus“ as well as the wineprogramms with music „0,75l WeinLese“ and „WeinWalz“

Various works for Film and TV i.a. „Atmen“ (Director: Karl Markovics), “Copstories“ /ORFeins (continuos supporting part “Vickerl“), “Die Kleinen und die Bösen“ (D: Markus Sehr), „Die Beste aller Welten“ (Adrian Goiginger), „Sargnagel“(Hiebler&Ertl) Soko Wien, Linz, Kitzbühel , u.v.m.

avid Hobby Winegrower
confessing „Austria Wien“ fan (viennese football team)


Born July 10th 1966, raised in Deutschkreutz, provence of Burgenland, Austria
Hight: 5’8″ (173 cm)
Weight: 152 lbs (69kg)
Shoe size: 6 (UK), 7 (US), 41 (Europe)
Confection size: 46 (medium)
Hair: light brown
Eyes: green/brown
Languages: german (mother tongue), english (2 years Canada and USA), french (niveau A2), Austrian dialects
Sports: fencing, acrobatics, football (soccer), marathon (3h39min), juggle (3 ball)
Drivers licenses: cars, motorcycles
Instruments: piano, akkordeon (basic skills), bluesharp
Hobby: viticulturist (winegrowing)


1985 Graduation from High School for Electrical Engineering
1986 – 88 Traveling and working stay in Canada and the USA
1989 – 92 on-job training at Graumann Theatre,Vienna, div. workshops
1992 – 94 Fr. Eva Zilcher, Fr. Johanna Brix, Mag. Svenja Schreiber 1994 acting degree at the ‚parity examination jury‘ Vienna
there after Prof. Juri Krassovskji (Drama), Gabi Buch (Speech)
Camera Acting , Coaching Company Berlin, Mag. Steffi Hofer (Speech), Mag. Willi Gansch (physical works) Mag. Marcus J. Carney (film coaching, TCC)


„Best Actor in a Short Film“ at the 6th DADA SAHEB PHALKE Film Festival 2016 in Dehli, India for my performance as Harri Mayr in „Die Postgötter“

STELLA 08 – „Outstanding solo performance“ for „Die Wanze- der neueste Fall“
STELLA 2010 – „Outstanding solo performance“ for his interpretation of Nick Hornby’s monologue „Nipplejesus“ and as „Capt’n Ahab“ in „Moby Dick“
STELLA 2010 Category „Best children’s play‘ with „Moby Dick“